Dr. Nikola Perovic

Ph.D. (Montenegro), MBA (Brandeis - Lemberg), MSC (UCG), FCIM

  • Dr. Nikola Perovic is author of the book “The International Post-Acquisition Management” which includes 16 cases studies on international management changes and integration in selected companies in various industries. He has been lecturer of international business and marketing at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai from 2015. Previously he was lecturer in various universities in South Eastern Europe. He has hold international seminars/ conference speeches for international acquisitions, international trade, export management, and management in tourism. He has been international consultant for International Trade Center (Geneva), export promotion agency of the United Nations and World Trade Organization. Dr. Perovic also worked for the United Nations Development Programme as the Programme Manager for Low Carbon Tourism in Montenegro. He was the Director of Export for the largest national beverage producer and the largest national exporter for more than seven years. His expertise include integration management, sales & marketing integration, cultural changes, international trade, business coaching, sustainable tourism. Industries involved, food industry-confectionery production, wine industry, beer industry, pharmaceutical industry, glass containers production, telecommunications, tourism.
  • He earned a Ph.D. in Economics (International Management and Marketing focus) from the University of Montenegro and MBA in International Business from Brandeis University, as a Fellow of US State Department, USA. Nikola also earned a master’s degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica.